Never Struggle to Teach Letter Sounds


You'll make it so much easier for your 3 to 4 year old child to learn letter sounds when you start with this fun beginning sounds activity!


  • The activity script that helps your preschooler notice the beginning sound of spoken words. Do this activity to develop phonemic awareness before showing what speech sounds look like using letters. This is the foundation your preschooler needs to learn letter sounds easily!

  • 26 alphabet letter sounds pictures that you can download and print to play this beginning sounds game. You’ll get tips for how to say the sounds too.

  • A checklist of common household objects that you’ll also use to play the beginning sounds game. It’s the secret to keeping the same activity fresh and engaging without any more prep work!

  • Access to more FREE training showing how to gently guide your preschooler from pre-reading to early reading. 

Hi, I’m Lisa!

As a Montessori teacher (AMI), I’ve helped 3 and 4 year old children learn letter sounds and phonics using a gentle, child-led approach. Most of those children started reading well before they turned 5 years old!

The secret to guiding your child from pre-reading to early reading is to focus on one concept at a time and go at your child’s own pace.

It really simplifies things when you understand the step-by-step learning sequence. Then you can observe where your child is at in terms of understanding concepts. That way you'll know you're offering the right activities at the right time.

One of the biggest mistakes is doing alphabet activities before your child understands that letters represent speech sounds.


When a child struggles to learn letter sounds, phonemic awareness is usually the missing piece.

The beginning sounds activity that you'll learn is a fun phonemic awareness activity. It's just like playing "I SPY" except that you're looking for something that starts with a certain sound.

It's important to do this activity before showing what the speech sounds look like using letter symbols. That way your child will understanding the meaning of letters instead of just memorizing them out of context and in isolation.

Most children who are around 3 years old are developmentally ready to start playing this beginning sounds game!


No printer? No problem!

You can also do this beginning sounds activity using language objects you can find around your home. A checklist of alphabet phonics objects ideas is included! 

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