The 4-Step Method to Teach Phonics at Home

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The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid to simplify the process of teaching reading at home.

The specific pre-reading skills that your child needs to start reading easily.

How to pinpoint where your child is at in the learning sequence from pre-reading to early reading so that you'll know the right activities to offer to help your child get closer to reading.


You're a parent who is homeschooling a 3-5 year old child or you want to supplement what your child is learning at preschool or kindergarten.

You're looking for a step-by-step plan to help your child learn to read.

You’re feeling a bit anxious about teaching your child to read because it’s something you haven’t done before and you’re unsure of the process. You just need a clear plan to follow that covers pre-reading to early reading so that you can get started.

You have 15 minutes a day to do a pre-reading activity with your child.

You’re craving some structure but you don’t want an approach that’s too rigid, pushy or based on a workbook or screens. You want to get your child ready for reading in a way that feels relaxed and fun, with hands-on activities that you do together.

You want to be sure your child is doing the right pre-reading activities.

Sometimes you spend more time looking for activities than doing them! You want to know which activities are really worth it to spark your child's interest. You want to see that your child is getting closer to actually starting to read. 

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I'm the Montessori teacher (AMI) who shows parents how to make it fun and easy to teach reading at home by following the same child-led approach used in Montessori classrooms around the world. 



No more overwhelm, no more wondering where to start, no more wondering what to do next!


Learn how to gently guide your child from pre-reading to early reading.