Imagine having fun activities on hand so your child will learn to read easily.

YES, I Need This!

As soon as your child learns the letter sounds, you can move forward with the next step to help your child learn to read!


But you're not sure HOW to teach letter sounds, or you've tried and it's not working.

You stay up late, scrolling Pinterest and printing out free worksheets, hoping to find the magic activity that will work the next day.

What do you do when your child doesn't remember which sound goes with which letter?

You’re worried that your child isn’t learning fast enough and will fall behind.

You’re already going super slow. It's starting to feel like a chore.

It’s so hard to watch your child struggle and then shut down. 

You just want to feel like you know what you’re doing.


You wish you knew the BEST activities to make it enjoyable and make letter sounds stick.


You know you can’t just keep doing those other alphabet activities over and over again and get different results.

Hi, I’m Lisa!

As a Montessori teacher (AMI), I’ve helped 3 and 4 year old children learn letter sounds and phonics using a gentle, child-led approach. Most of those children started reading well before they turned 5 years old!

The secret to guiding your child from pre-reading to early reading is to focus on one concept at a time and go at your child’s own pace.

It really simplifies things when you understand the step-by-step learning sequence and can see where your child is at in the process of learning to read. This way you'll know you're doing the right activity to help your child get closer to reading.

The struggle to teach letter sounds ends today!


It’s not you. It’s not your child.

It’s your strategy!

When it comes to learning letter sounds, you’ll make it so much easier if you START with helping your child hear the speech sounds in spoken words!


I’ll teach you HOW to help your child understand that letters represent speech sounds.


With this foundation, your child will be ready to match letter sounds with letter symbols using hands-on activities that keep your child excited to learn.


I’ll teach you HOW to help your child build visual, auditory and muscular memory of the lowercase letter sounds through fun, play-based activities.

Why teach lowercase letter sounds?


Most alphabet worksheets and activities try to get children to memorize uppercase letters and lowercase letters and letter names and letter sounds all at the same time. It’s no wonder that many children get mixed up!

It’s so much EASIER and less confusing when you start by just teaching lowercase letter sounds. Nearly all written words are made up of lowercase letters, and it’s the letter sounds (not letter names) that are important for sounding out words. Let’s keep it simple to set up your child for success!

How would it feel to get your child EXCITED to learn letter sounds?!!


Get the Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit for a proven strategy and an easy-to-use resource bundle with fun activities that get your child ready for learning to read.

YES, I Need This!

The Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit makes learning letter sounds easy and enjoyable for your child.


✓ 10 minutes a day of playing games together.

✓ Little prep work for you because you’ll use the same materials in fresh ways.

✓ You’ll know the best activities to do and how to do them.

✓ You’ll have strategies for how to handle things that come up.

✓ You’ll know the signs of readiness for the next step.



You get the complete set of printable materials + 16 activity scripts to teach letter sounds in a fun, hands-on way that actually works.

You'll use the same materials in new ways to keep the activities fresh with little extra prep work.

144 Beginning Sounds Pictures

26 Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

7 Bingo Cards

3 Board Game Cards

Letter Tracing Templates + Labels

Letter Sounds Audio + Cheatsheet

Step 1: Activity Scripts

Learn 8 phonemic awareness activities to draw your child’s attention to the letter sounds at the beginning of spoken words. The goal is to help your child understand that letters represent speech sounds so that it’s easier to learn and remember the letter symbols that represent those sounds.

Step 2: Activity Scripts

Learn 8 sound-letter association activities to boost visual, auditory and muscular memory of the letter sounds. These are play-based activities and involve movement and the senses since that’s how children learn best. The focus is on understanding letter sounds, not just memorizing them.

No printer? No problem!

You can also do the activities in the Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit using phonics objects you can find around your home (a checklist is included!) and a set of Montessori sandpaper letters.


7 Must-Know Teaching Secrets

This lesson reveals how to unlock your ability to teach your child without slipping into “teacher mode.” You’ll also learn a few bonus strategies to keep your child engaged and excited to learn.

Mobile App

You can access all of the content inside the Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit using your phone. The on-the-go app makes it easy to learn anywhere!

Q&A: Bonus Coaching

This lesson addresses some questions that might come up as you do the activities with your child. You’ll get ideas for how to handle specific situations so that you don’t get stuck.


This resource bundle is included inside my guided, step-by-step phonics program. 

But you and I may not know each other yet and you might be feeling a bit hesitant to go all in. 

So I’m going to make this a no-brainer way for you to get started with teaching phonics at home using fun, hands-on activities. 

Instead of the regular $247 investment to get the complete Playful Path to Reading™ phonics program, TODAY you can get started with the first 16 letter sounds activities for just $37.

Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit


1 Payment + Get Instant Access

  • 16 Activities with Scripts
  • Printable Materials, Checklists, Letter Templates
  • Letter Sounds Audio
  • Bonus Coaching Lessons
  • Lifetime Access

You'll be sure you're doing everything possible to make learning letter sounds fun and easy so your child can start reading!


Playful Path to Reading™ Phonics Program


This step-by-step preschool phonics program includes everything in the Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit plus many more activities and printables to gently guide your child from pre-reading to early reading. You also get ongoing support from a trained Montessori teacher! 

Imagine never searching for letter sounds activities again!


No more guesswork or endless scrolling for activity ideas that you hope will work. 

When you buy the Teaching Letter Sounds Toolkit, you'll have a proven strategy to follow and 16 fun, hands-on activities to get your child set up to start reading in way that's enjoyable and easy!


“Our preschool has closed but thanks to this class I feel I have the tools, knowledge & confidence in myself to keep my child learning (playing!) and engaged screen-free. My child is loving the sound games and gorgeous printables. Thank you so much. “

— Kat D.

It has changed the entire way I look at doing preschool. Before I would switch out activities every week. Now my son is 1) interested in doing the activity and 2) really thinking about what we are doing and trying to figure it out. I get the feeling that he really understands that we are working towards learning to read.

— Clarita K.

This should be a real game changer for us! I can tell you put your whole heart into creating this course. I wish I had known better before, but I'm thankful to have this knowledge now and it is really simplifying the process."

— Jennifer W.

“After taking the course, I felt more empowered to teach my children phonics. Having a path to follow makes it clearer for me and helps me free space for other important things."

— Joana M.

"My daughter is newly 3. It's a wonderful, slow and simple guide to teaching language. We play letter sound games many times a day, bringing awareness to the beginning sounds of words. She's getting it!”

— Megan W.

“I was so blown away by how well thought out the program is. Lisa is wonderful and answered all our questions so thoroughly.”

— Mariam M.

It’s Time to Decide!


If you’re serious about helping your child learn letter sounds, you have to make one of two choices right now:

Will you keep doing what you've been doing and keep feeling the way you’ve been feeling …

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Imagine when you start doing the activities and begin to see the impact you’re having … and that feeling of accomplishment when your child remembers the letter sounds!


Get the proven strategy and everything you need to help your child remember letter sounds and get ready to start reading.