Help your preschooler learn to read easily using fun, hands-on activities.


You just want your child to be ready for learning to read!

You’ve heard that children are expected to know the alphabet and maybe even start reading before kindergarten.

You spend so much time looking for alphabet and phonics activities on Pinterest, only to feel like you're spinning your wheels.

How do you piece it all together without leaving any gaps?

Hi, I’m Lisa! I'm the Montessori teacher who takes the guesswork out of teaching phonics at home.

I know that you're probably feeling anxious about helping your child learn to read because it’s something you haven’t done before and you’re unsure of the process.

I'm here to tell you that you've already got what it takes to help your child learn to read!

You just need the structure, resources and guidance to teach reading at home without feeling overwhelmed.


Curious about using Montessori activities to teach your child to read at home, but you don’t know where to start? By the end of this class you'll know the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid and how to pinpoint where your child is at in the learning sequence.



Join The Playful Path to Reading™ to learn how to teach your child to read in a way that's fun and child-led. Imagine how organized you'll feel when you have a step-by-step plan to follow with ongoing support and all the printables you'll need!


You've got what it takes to make it fun and easy for your child to learn to read at home!

You just need the structure, resources and guidance to do it without feeling overwhelmed.

"After taking the course, I felt more empowered to teach my children phonics. Having a path to follow makes it clearer for me and helps me free space for other important things."

— Joana M.

"I was so blown away by how well thought out the program is. Lisa is wonderful and answered all our questions so thoroughly."

— Mariam M.


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